January 2, 2015

Homegrown Bitter Gourd Plant

Remember my last post on homegrown plants where I planted some pumpkin and bitter gourd seeds. Those bitter gourd seedlings that I grew, 4 of them had became adult plants and bear fruits. Above is our homegrown bitter gourd which is about 15cm when harvest.

Bitter Gourd Flowers

Female Bitter Gourd Flower with fruit attached behind the flower
In order for the "female flower" to grow into a bitter gourd you need to pollinate the flower either manual "rub" the male flower on the center portion (stigma) of the female flower so that pollen is being transfer from male flower to female. Alternatively you have to depend on the help of the insects such as butterfly, bees or ants.

Two Baby Bitter Gourd

1 Week Old Bitter Gourd

10 Days Old Bitter Gourd

2 Weeks Old Bitter Gourd

If pollination succeed, you will see changes on the female flower where the attached "fruit" will grow bigger and bigger each day till it result the adult stage to be harvest.

3rd and 4th Bitter Gourds. So surprised to see red seeds in it.

It is fun growing our own vegetables at home and now I am trying to grow baby bok choy and cherry tomato too. Hope I could show you my new potted plants soon.

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