June 12, 2015

Homegrown Cherry Tomato Using Hydroponic Kit

I love growing vegetables and fruits but due to space as we do not have land outside our house, we can only grow them in pots. But things changed when school brought us to learning journey at hydroponic farm where we see vegetables and plant are grown in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil.

My gardening hobby was inspired by my mum's friends @wokkingmum and @smallsmallbaker as they both planted many edible vegetables and fruits at home such as cherry tomato bittergourd, ladyfinger, spinach, edamame and etc.

Hydroponic Cherry Tomato
After about 5-7 days, the seedlings starts to grow from the hydroponic growing kit. As we are going this indoor, mum suggested that we can try to plant the seeds using the recycle juice pack which is smaller for us to place it near the side of the window where there is sunlight coming in.

Setting up the hydroponic kit
This is how we set up the hydroponic kit for our cherry tomato plant. We get the starting kit from Oh' Farm which is near our area. You can refer to their website here for more detail. Actually you can use any container to set up the growing kit but you will need to get the minimal solution to mix with the water so that the plant can grow.

About a month old cherry tomato.
Hydroponic tomato grows very fast and it takes about 3 - 4 weeks to grow into height of 30 cm depending on the weather and condition. As the plants get taller, mum will help to grow them in pot with soil because there are to heavy to be put in the small container.

Flowers starts to bloom and turns into fruits
When flowers start to appear you must prepare to pollinate it manually if there are no insects (such as butterfly, bees, ants and etc) to give you a helping hand. To pollinate just hold on to the branch where the flowers are, gently give it a few shakes (maybe 6 times lolz) flick it with your fingers.

Homegrown Cherry Tomato
After 2 months you will be able to harvest your very own homegrown cherry tomato. The fruits of labour are worth the time for taking care of them. It's so happy seeing all these cute tomato turns from green to red.

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  1. Nice post! like the creative that you have using recycle drinks container as a growing kit.. two thumbs up!