January 4, 2015

Voyager Of The Seas - Royal Caribbean International

I love to travel especially on cruise and this is my 2nd time traveling on cruise after our first trip at about 4 years ago with Star Cruise, Virgo.  With my uncle in charging all the planning and booking we finally get to board the Voyager of the Seas which had it's South East Asia stop over in June 2012.

Below are some of the photos which I took and I would like to share it with you.

January 2, 2015

Homegrown Blue Pumpkin

This is our Australia Blue Pumpkin patch. It takes about 3 months to grow into this stage where we could see all those yellow flower bulbs. I really hope these bulbs would be able to grow into at least one pumpkin fruit.

Homegrown Bitter Gourd Plant

Remember my last post on homegrown plants where I planted some pumpkin and bitter gourd seeds. Those bitter gourd seedlings that I grew, 4 of them had became adult plants and bear fruits. Above is our homegrown bitter gourd which is about 15cm when harvest.