November 29, 2014

Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition

Hi everyone, today i went to Transformer Exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre. the place is not to big it takes about 1 hour to walk around the place.At the exhibition it shows the movie on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers Dark of the Moon.

September 20, 2014

{Hobby} Growing Plants and Mushrooms

After seeing Small Small Baker's homegrown bitter gourd (photo here), I also ask mum to give me some bitter gourd seeds when she bought one for making soup. I planted the seeds and after a week it grow into seedlings which hopefully they will grow well and starts to flower and fruit.

September 18, 2014

{Hobby} My Mini Lobster

We often goes to Lower Peirce Reservoir to catch Yabby and you can see many families together with kids (you can read more over at mum's blog here). And due to the increasing number of people in that area, yabby has also decrease and getting difficult to find.

September 15, 2014

{Eatout} My Favourite Food

Whenever mum is not cooking or while we are out during the weekend, Chicken Rice is always in my ordering list together with an additional hard-boiled egg. I prefer Hainaese Chicken Rice which comes with fragrant rice and tender poached white chicken. But sometime I also order roast chicken rice like what shown above.

September 14, 2014

My Favourite Green Pig

Previously I used to like "Red Angry Birds" when I first started to play the Angry Birds iPhone game. But after a few months, I started to like "green pigs" more especially the one with a yellow crown known as "King Pig". I have a collection of almost all the angry birds characters but my favourite is still green pig related items.

September 13, 2014

Swensen's Breakfast

Not long ago Swensen has come out with their Breakfast Set Menu with many items such as Egg Benedict, Breakfast Sandwich, French Toast and etc. Above is in their kid's menu known as Eggy Delight ($6.90) and I love the combination of items in it.

Pet Dog Boo Boo

This is Boo Boo, my grandmother's pet dog which is a beagle breed. He is about 2 years old but still behave like a baby (puppy). He loves to play and often chase his toy around the house, climb up the soft and take his nap there.

My Pet Hamsters

This is my pet hamster known as "Chocolate",  he likes to bully his friend "Oreo" which is slightly smaller size than him. During the day, they will sleep quietly at one corner of the cage but when evening comes, they became very active and likes to run around making noise to attract our attentions.