September 13, 2014

Pet Dog Boo Boo

This is Boo Boo, my grandmother's pet dog which is a beagle breed. He is about 2 years old but still behave like a baby (puppy). He loves to play and often chase his toy around the house, climb up the soft and take his nap there.

Everyone loves booboo but sometime he also tends to be very naughty and when he starts to bite things around the house like shoes, sofa and etc he will gets punishment by my uncle to stand on the chair for 15 minutes.

You see, when he takes his nap he will use his ear to cover his eyes in order to take-cover from the light which makes his eyes discomfort.

Here is booboo and his birthday cake. Boo loves dessert trick especially cakes he can wobble up everything in one or two mouthful. His favourite is butter cake which we often get it from pet's cafe.

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