September 20, 2014

{Hobby} Growing Plants and Mushrooms

After seeing Small Small Baker's homegrown bitter gourd (photo here), I also ask mum to give me some bitter gourd seeds when she bought one for making soup. I planted the seeds and after a week it grow into seedlings which hopefully they will grow well and starts to flower and fruit.

Besides bittergourd I also grow blue pumpkin which I got the seeds from buying blue pumpkin from the supermarket.  But since we are growing them on pot, I am worry they won't turn out well. So let's fingers crossed and hope for good results.

Spring Onion on the right (photo) that I grow specially for mum so that she can use it for her cooking.  This plant is very easy to grow, what you need to do is drop a few bulbs into the soil, water them daily, give them enough sunlight and they will well in a week or two.

Tomato plant seedlings which I have planted in egg shells.

Growing mushroom is a tedious job, as we need to wait for a long time before the "pinhead" appears. And when the pinheads started to grow, we have to mist it at least once every one or two hours in between to keep the log moist.

Beautiful homegrown Oyster Mushrooms which is growing up after 2 weeks.

Our Black Fungus Mushroom which take seems like forever to grown and fruit. As you can see from the photo above, only one cluster managed to grow after a month of waiting time and the rest of the pineheads still remain tiny. 

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  1. Reyon, check out my post about my bittergourd. :)